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Adult Amanda - On The Case by Torqual3D

The physique is shapely without being exaggerated. The clothes fit snugly but seem perfectly fitted and likely comfortable. Amanda's ma...

The remaining warrior is standing proudly and smiling joyfully, clearly telling us that the many bodies at her feet are her victims and...

Young Amanda Jones - Choose Your Own Adventure by Torqual3D

Whether she is of age or not, Amanda Jones is a beautiful, comely lass. Her sprightly, curious, foolhardy personality is especially app...

Context is everything and this picture and its story are all about context. Diva Dirigibles is a dominate gunfighter enjoying the compa...



THE PUNISHER (1989) choke hold by yellowplasma
THE PUNISHER (1989) choke hold
When I envision a sentry in a choke hold, I imagine something like this. It is not a sleeper hold, mind you.
THE BIG DOLL HOUSE (1971) guard shot by yellowplasma
THE BIG DOLL HOUSE (1971) guard shot
In a firefight escape reminiscent of the classic WHERE EAGLES DARE (1969) armed female guards were outfought by sexy escapees.
THE BIG DOLL HOUSE (1971) guard by yellowplasma
THE BIG DOLL HOUSE (1971) guard
This wonderfully bad movie had female guards being slaughtered by sexy female prisoners making an escape. Sadly, the gunfight action was short and only near the very end.

Is an army of women a realistic idea? Not only are men typically stronger and more aggressive but women are more inclined to feud with each other.

My specialty as a writer, artist and game designer is the archetype useless foot soldiers of villainy as female. My heroines, masterminds, elite henchmen and even monsters are usually female but I favor the cannon-fodder baddies; not in the narrative, mind you, but as my inspiration.

Nonentities should never steal the spotlight. The everlasting appeal of the Amazons and Imperial Stormtroopers is unassuming. They are loved for being inglorious.

An army of women is a ridiculous idea… like high-heeled shoes.

Joan of Arc and Lyudmilla Pavlichenko prove that heroines are entirely plausible. As villains Joan of Arc would be a mastermind and Lyudmilla Pavlichenko an elite henchwoman. There are females among the big creatures that eat people so the idea of monsters being female is inarguably sound. There is no genuine army of women to be found in all of credible history.

Female infantry are either border guards or serve alongside men. I am not advocating that women should be employed as combat infantry, mind you. I am merely noting the reality that we may distinguish it from fantasy.

Skimpy uniforms are more realistic than armies of women. The soldiers of many armies wore little more than a loincloth. The Celts fought completely naked, as in barefoot and not even a loincloth.

Skimpy uniforms are the historical reality. Armies of women are sexual fantasy.

I have always found villains sexier than heroes. I respect a heroine for being a champion for truth and justice so I cannot enjoy even the fantasy of her being shamed.

I have always found useless foot soldiers of villainy sexier than masterminds and elite henchwomen. I respect the mastermind for her gumption and the elite henchwoman for her prowess. Though I want them ultimately defeated for being villainous, I cannot enjoy even the fantasy of them being shamed.

Nonentities are unworthy of respect. An insignificant life is unworthy of being celebrated. An inconsequential death is unworthy of being mourned.

The Red Shirts of Star Trek and the Stormtroopers of Star Wars are fictional characters. We humanize them in our imagination and this imagined humanity is their endearing and everlasting appeal. They are ordinary, thus, boring people made interesting by the uniform and agenda of something beyond them personally. Their lives would be uneventful save that the agenda they serve compels them into danger. Though refined by training and well-equipped, ordinary is innately ordinary, unlike a true diamond in the rough.

The useless foot soldiers of villainy, whether male or female, are ideally ordinary human beings serving a villainous agenda. I have a thing for clones, but my clones are entirely human. Their ways are quirky, but thorough conditioning of ordinary people makes the ordinary quirky. The essence of these expendable baddies must be entirely human or else the irony that is their distinct appeal is lost. The inglorious glory of the Amazons and Imperial Stormtroopers proves my point.

The Amazons are the oldest remembered cannon-fodder baddies of human imagination. The few of them named were “bosses” but the nameless many are what made them classical. They were a nation and army of women. Though never sinister, they were antagonists, always.

There is no lasting myth about an army of women being the good guys. Honestly, such a legend would be boring. Seriously: the Asari civilization in Mass Effect would be far more interesting if it was more like that of the Amazons. An army of women bent on conquest is the dominatrix as many… and that is damn sexy.

An army of women is the sexual fantasy of our collective imagination. If it were not so then the Amazons would be known only to a few. Skimpy attire is sexy on comely bodies. Even the prudes admit this claim by denouncing it accordingly. Villains are our guilty pleasure. Why else would the Nazis and Nazi-inspired baddies dominate our entertainment? Expendable baddies inspire when done right. The Amazons and Imperial Stormtroopers prove this irrefutably.

An army of women in skimpy uniforms: I got it right. Enjoy!

Dead Amazon and Dead Concubine Sentinel by yellowplasma


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Shawn O'Toole
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a writer and an artist who specializes in violent erotica; specifically, the slaughtering of useless henchwomen. I am also one for clever storytelling and deep characterization. I read classics and and am a recreational student of history, archaeology, genetics and physics. My residence is coastal North Carolina and my life is family and friends.

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recently all the efforts of mine are dedicated to the find and the study of the perfect bodypile, and -alas! - this is driving me insane   Someone called an ambulance! 

well,,, straight to the point; why don't you write something about the body pile (  and I mean, of course, bodypile of defeated trooperettes) ? a brief journal maybe, something that will enlighten what is going to become a indispensable trope ( and a personal obsession) 
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