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Life is feeble and needy. Outer space is vast and extreme. Sadly, our place in the cosmos is but a pittance of its entirety. We waste away in our microscopic garden of a world. We imagine other gardens we have yet to find. The universe, for all its grandeur, is rather lifeless and unfriendly. Reality, for all its pomp and drama, is rather lackluster and insignificant.

Is anyone out there? I believe we are not alone... but I have no way of knowing for certain. If the Great Beyond is lifeless then it is meaningless and beneath our interest. If extraterrestrial life is nothing more than microbes then it is nothing indeed. People, human or otherwise, are the only things here or out there worth caring about. Is anyone out there? If so, what are they like? I suspect they are neither as strange as we imagine nor as familiar. Some of them may even be human: Why not? Whatever they are, if they are people, human or not, then they have the choice to care or not care: The struggle of good against evil would be as much theirs as it is ours. Whether advanced or primitive, war would be much of their history. Why? Will begins as desire, thus, is base unless it is made good. Evil is thieving and contentious. War is inevitable wherever evil lurks.

My Strange Galaxy is our very own Milky Way but imagined as a living world of many worlds. Our planet Earth is but an obscure, uncharted island in a vast archipelago of biospheres. My Strange Galaxy sounds familiar? Perhaps you dismiss it as yet another indistinguishable space opera. No one who reads its stories comes to such a conclusion. My Strange Galaxy is simpler yet deeper than science fiction's usual fare. Magic and technology abound  but neither are particularly fantastic. Alien races are strange and inhuman but their needs and philosophies are grounded in practicality. The void of space is incidental and seldom visited. There is no epic event connecting the many stories. There are no particular characters that truly characterize the universe itself. People, human or otherwise, live their lives in a cosmos that is barely aware of them if aware of them at all. My Strange Galaxy is diverse and growing. It thrives by celebrating the least yet greatest of all things to be found in our real world and universe: individuals.…


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Shawn O'Toole
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a writer and an artist who specializes in violent erotica; specifically, the slaughtering of useless henchwomen. I am also one for clever storytelling and deep characterization. I read classics and and am a recreational student of history, archaeology, genetics and physics. My residence is coastal North Carolina and my life is family and friends.



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Torqual3D Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In case you'd like to join in my friend?.... competition

Young Amanda Sleeps - Short Writing Competition by Torqual3D  
Shawn! Thank you for stopping by my page.
yellowplasma Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is excellent. I am not surprised to discover that you are a genuine pro.
:skullbones: Hmm...well this is a a few days you have the blessed opportunity to see another birthday...well the darkness and I was informed of this...consider this message a birthday greeting but in an evil way - you see we do not delight in joy, but that of sorrow, pain and some more of the seven deadly sins....we are craving that you join the darkness where your true self lies.......:skullbones:
yellowplasma Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you.  As I get older, I enjoy my darker fancies more than ever.
1st let me say thank you for another wonderful comment on the story. 2nd let me apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your comment. I was on vacation for a couple weeks and stuff piled up.
I really do enjoy your insight on the story. I hope to get another chapter posted soon which would be part 5. I am just finishing what would be part 7 and then I'll get chapter 5 up.

Thanks again

Shabazik Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist
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