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WAR is a nasty reality that inspires our legends. The fear, pain and death are remembered as courage, heroics and melodrama. The struggles for resources and influence are celebrated as good against evil.

MURDER is a grim reality that stirs our imagination. The fear, pain and death become harrowing thrills. The horror and mystery inspired genres.

Fantasy is not reality. I dare say fantasy is better, even when worse.

Good against evil is the ideal of every struggle. Every nation, insurgency and terrorist organization fancies itself the good guys. If the fantasies were true, we would all be good guys.

Murder is seldom clever and its victims seldom interesting. Mysteries are rarely solved by delightful showman. What if they were?

The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are classics because they are war as it is in legend. Horror movies and mystery novels are wonderful because they are murder as harmless fun.

Imagination is our power to make good things better and bad things good, not in reality, but as fantasy. It frees our thoughts and feelings by allowing our preferences. We find possibilities in what was otherwise impossible. Art, music, fiction and technology are the reality created by fantasy.

Shawn O'Toole collection by yellowplasma

Bald clone women in space swimsuits being raped and slaughtered by monstrous aliens; Well, the girls are not always raped. I have taken Star Trek: The Original Series and the Cthulhu Mythos to a new height… or sunk it all to a new low.

Bad ideas are the best ideas if you really love them. Seriously: stupid is not always stupid does. Inspiration can make the most of anything.

I am a genius—and not always by being smart. I trust my intuition and it has never failed me. I never believe unless a claim rings true, no matter the argument or supposed evidence. Whenever wrong, I am somehow right. My failings always prove a springboard for success.

The universe is not a “multiverse” nor is it “billions” of “years” old. Something does not divide by nothing. Grandpa was not a sludge monkey. Shhh: the game is to pretend. The idiots won’t think you’re smart unless you’re an idiot.

I write fiction but I don’t live it. I know the difference between sophistry and sincerity. The truth is always simple: everything about it measured on itself. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a dupe or a liar.

The least is the greatest and the greatest least. I know this because I see it demonstrated over and over and over again. I have yet to witness an exception.

My fictional Strange Galaxy is beyond the “multiverse” of “science.” My bald clone women are beyond the sludge monkeys we were supposedly sired from. My fantasy is beyond the false reality touted by the shriveled meat in a wheelchair.

Women as the useless baddies are a rarity in movies and games. There was the Amazons of Starcrash but only for a moment. There are the Nurses of Silent Hill and the Elite Guard of Return to Wolfenstein but these tend to be formidable. Other than the nameless Amazons in Classical Mythology, I have yet to find female foot soldiers of villainy in literature. Well, there was an army of feminine monsters in a forgettable comic book I read, but graphic literature is a mixed medium.

I watch movies and play video games. I read books. I would love to read a novel featuring the nameless baddies as female; not as girls alongside boys, mind you, but as their own force. No “non-lethal only” silliness or “deadlier than men” nonsense: passive-aggressive sexism is not my thing. Skimpy uniforms are all right but daringly tasteful tends to be sexier. Rape and gore are acceptable but if done sparingly and provided a thoughtful context. All I really want is the traditional silencing the sentry and hero versus throngs and the sentries and throngs happen to be female. Put it all in a story I can take seriously.

There is no real aversion to my fancy. There are those who worry that others will fret but no one personally has a problem with it. Yes, there are boys who think girls in fiction should never be slain, but no one takes these guys seriously. Yes, church ladies are sure to complain about the alluring uniforms. Yes, feminists are sure to fuss but when are they not fussing? No one, absolutely no one really has a problem with my preferences. 

I may very well be the first to write a novel featuring female characters as the nameless foot soldiers of villainy. Regardless, I am surely the best. I am soon to be published. Should you read my books, enjoy.

Expendable Female Baddies by yellowplasma

I am reading Conan: The Flame Knife and am delighted by two of the female characters. Both of them are young and beautiful. The one is a heroine and the other a damsel in distress. The heroine fights, of course. The damsel in distress cowers, though not to her shame.

I favor female characters in my fiction. Rey and Captain Phasma made Star Wars: The Force Awakens all the better. Aeon Flux is not Aeon Flux without Aeon Flux. Red Sonja needs Red Sonja. Diana in the 80s television show V ensured that I would watch the episodes over and over again. I always enjoyed Classical Mythology but I love it because of the Amazons.

As I was saying: I am enjoying the girls of The Flame Knife for having everything yet nothing in common.

The traditional “correctness” wanted every female character helpless. The modern “correctness” wants every female character empowered. I have no use for either nonsense.

I love the Amazons for being slaughtered in droves. I am giddy when they are carried off to be sex slaves. I love Penthesilea for being the villainous dominatrix who gives the hero a sexy boss fight. Red Sonja’s vengeance and Aeon Flux’s missions thrill me in every way. No-nonsense Phasma and coming-of-age Rey are sexy in different flavors.

Church ladies are boring. Feminists are boring. Men who do not ogle girls ogle boys. Men who want to be spanked are silly.

The stupid inflate their bad ideas as if the hot air will make them big ideas. I pop these bubbles belched by idiots.

Never choose to like or dislike anything. Be appreciative, of course, but never as an obligation. Your imagination cannot thrive lest your thoughts and feelings flow freely. Be thoughtful, of course, but with an eye to see and an ear to hear.

I am not yet famous but I am already a writer, artist, game designer and music maker. I have only recently bothered trying to turn these things into a profession.

I did not begin writing, drawing, game designing and music making for any other reason than creative expression. I liked shows, movies, books, comic books, illustrations, tabletop games, video games and music and was inspired to make my own.

I am not one for fan art or fan fiction. I enjoy them as the work of others but always felt stifled trying to create my own. I was disheartened by the realization that my product would be subordinate to others.

I am free to render alternate versions of existing properties. I prefer to mix my inspirations rather than compartmentalize them. For example: anything “Star Wars” can be a lot of “Star Trek” or “Lord of the Rings” or whatever. I can change anything and everything to my preferences. I do so.

The aimless want money the way children want candy. I think big and need resources to make things happen. I like my small things, mind you, and shall never give them up. The bigger is not to be better. I just want it all. 

Life is short and I mean to live it up; not by squandering my days for pleasure. I stay busy that not a moment shall pass me by.

Shawn O'Toole collection by yellowplasma


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Shawn O'Toole
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a writer and an artist who specializes in violent erotica; specifically, the slaughtering of useless henchwomen. I am also one for clever storytelling and deep characterization. I read classics and and am a recreational student of history, archaeology, genetics and physics. My residence is coastal North Carolina and my life is family and friends.

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Hello friend, I published a new chapter on the three bodyguards women Najica Blitz Tatics :) Let me know what you think ;)
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this is really a honour for me;you are one of the most  recognised  'concept writers' of this genre , and  I have read with extreme attention your short essays about henchwomen, sentry girls and other expendables mmmm books... 

recently all the efforts of mine are dedicated to the find and the study of the perfect bodypile, and -alas! - this is driving me insane   Someone called an ambulance! 

well,,, straight to the point; why don't you write something about the body pile (  and I mean, of course, bodypile of defeated trooperettes) ? a brief journal maybe, something that will enlighten what is going to become a indispensable trope ( and a personal obsession) 
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by the way, if you are interested in mass stripping scenes, I recommend you to read the stories by TealPlayer4600, (this is his Deviantart username, he 'published' other stories at Uniform Stealing Broads under a different pseudonym)

thanks  Hug again, and again sorry!
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