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The remaining warrior is standing proudly and smiling joyfully, clearly telling us that the many bodies at her feet are her victims and...

Young Amanda Jones - Choose Your Own Adventure by Torqual3D

Whether she is of age or not, Amanda Jones is a beautiful, comely lass. Her sprightly, curious, foolhardy personality is especially app...

Context is everything and this picture and its story are all about context. Diva Dirigibles is a dominate gunfighter enjoying the compa...

An excellent attention to detail is the success of this picture in every way. Rachel's form and features are finely crafted as if sculp...



Clone Damsels in Distress cover by yellowplasma
Clone Damsels in Distress cover
Despite the provocative title and imagery this is not a work of exploitation. I take my STRANGE GALAXY seriously. I am also unabashed in my love for risque space operas. NOTE: the font is also my creation.

Villains, unlike any other challenge in the narratives of fiction, are the will to evil. Theirs is the face of antagonism. They are threats imagined as people.

In horror the baddies are monsters even if in human form. In adventure, whether fantasy, science fiction or superheroes, they are opponents. In comedy they are naughty clowns. Regardless of their genre, however, the villains are characters against the protagonists.

As a writer, artist and game designer I love villains. They are usually the characters I create first. More often than not my heroes are afterthoughts to make the baddies more interesting.

I believe in freedom and justice. I want the villains to lose. I want the heroes to win. I want their struggle sexy, thrilling and grimly amusing. I want to care because I care about the heroes and villains alike. Yes, I want my baddies defeated... but I must love them to enjoy the experience.

A villain may be hateful or greedy or simply obsessed with a notion. Regardless, it would be bad for the villain to prevail. The villain must be thwarted or at least duly punished. Yes, a baddie may ultimately win but the triumph of evil is uninspiring.

Winning does nothing to make villains interesting. A memorable look and eccentric quirks given a catchy name does the trick; for bosses, underlings and lone baddies alike. Yes, depth can make a villain endearing but such is unnecessary to make one interesting.

Villains are my favorite characters but not because I am cheering for them. I want my masterminds clever only to be bested by witless courage. I want my brutes and killers outfought by indomitable weaklings. I want my nameless throngs easily and readily slaughtered by lone heroes. I love my baddies for being sexy, thrilling and grimly amusing. Yes, even my ugly villains are sexy because villainy is a spicy flavor.

FEMALE CHARACTERS have always been marginalized. Typically: they are either lovely nonentities or masculine characters in feminine form.


I am contemptuous of the “nonlethal” silencing the sentry and hero versus throngs for a very simple reason: the inhibition is conscientious, thus, uninspired.

There is no insistence that the Imperial Stormtrooper be limited to “nonlethal” violence. What would Star Wars be if they were? Shall such a preference arise now that female Stormtroopers are canon?

There are two things many men (always men) are uncomfortable with concerning female baddies in fiction: realistic evil and slain by heroes. Naughty little girls in big girl bodies are more to their liking.

Expendable Female Baddies by yellowplasma


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Shawn O'Toole
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a writer and an artist who specializes in violent erotica; specifically, the slaughtering of useless henchwomen. I am also one for clever storytelling and deep characterization. I read classics and and am a recreational student of history, archaeology, genetics and physics. My residence is coastal North Carolina and my life is family and friends.



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by the way, if you are interested in mass stripping scenes, I recommend you to read the stories by TealPlayer4600, (this is his Deviantart username, he 'published' other stories at Uniform Stealing Broads under a different pseudonym)

thanks  Hug again, and again sorry!
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